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Bruker optics tensor ii high performance ft ir spectrometer nancy. Hyperlinkdisclaimer brukerdaltonikgmbhmakesnoexpresswarranty. Designed to provide versatility and high performance, the tensortm series sets new standards in ftir laboratory analysis, offering a multitude of automatic features, easy operation and quality components. No assumptions have been made about the background of the reader except that he or she has a general scientific or technical background. The acquisition software will then finish loading and initializing the instrument. Today, we offer the industrys most advanced ftir product line. The bruker tensor 37ftir is a versatile research grade instrument capable of measuring in the midir region of the spectrum. Bruker optics tensor ii high performance ft ir spectrometer.

We encourage you to find out what were doing to support you, including most current contact center and retail store hours, new safety protocols for inhome technician visits, and quick selfserve options for billing, payment and online ordering. Surface and dimensional analysis atomic force microscopes 3d optical microscopes. Bruker ominiflex malditof mass spectrometer operation quick start sample preparation for the bruker ominiflex malditof mass spectrometer is of crucial importance. Bruker autoflex lrf maldi tof mass spectrometry research. The matrixmf is a process ready ftir spectrometer that is ideal for realtime monitoring and analysis of chemical and biological reactions. The tensortm series is the result of brukers 30 years of experience in the engineering and production of ftir spectrometer systems. Please take care when preparing your malditof samples. Malditof bruker ms bms measurements were done with a microflex lt mass spectrometer bruker daltonics using flexcontrol software version 3. The flexbox is the firstofitskind end user optics configurator. A mobile tool, built to solve real life problems faced by optical network engineers.

The microflex lt benefits from bruker daltonics patented anchorchip technology which provides exactlypositioned samples on the malditarget for robust automatic measurements, as well as a sensitivity boost by up to two orders of magnitude. Product description the interface provides data collection and control of all instrument parameters. Bruker optics comprehensive system validation manual provides. Universal transceivers that work with nearly every device. Bruker daltonics contributes to this innovation with a new software solution, fleximaging. Bruker daltonik gmbh makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but. A product is defined by its membership in a specific product group, and its user. The descriptions in this manual always refer to using the buttons or knob on the front of the radio for clarity but each button or knob has an equivalent button on the remote controller that may also be used.

It is perfectly suited for quality control tasks such as the testing of final and intermediate products or incoming goods inspection. The spectra were imported into the integrated maldi biotyper software version 3. Jun 17, 2014 if you need a ftir spectrometer for routine or advanced applications,the tensor ii is the right choice for your laboratory. Tested bruker ultraflex iii tof 200 mass spectrometer. The autoflex iii is an electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use where the electromagnetic environment is kept under control. Video optics and acquisition control see section 3. Match pasef powered lcmsms identification with labelfree spatial localization to decode the molecular make up of your sample. For more information about brukers ultraflex series, visit. There you will find the necessary contact information. Comprehensive and powerful maldi imaging maldi imaging is gaining a lot attention in the context of quantitative proteomics and biomarker detection in clinical proteomics. Using the joystick on the control box using the xy control window by pulling the red dot in the direction needed. Utilizing the most stable and efficient interferometers available as the cornerstone of its ftir spectrometers, coupled with stateoftheart thermal management systems, bruker optics remote sensing solutions provide the user with the highest degree of confidence in the ability to locate hazardous gases within the scene surveyed. Emx users manual introduction 1 this introduction describes the operation of a bruker emx epr electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer.

Below you find manuals related to several solutions. User manual bruker dpx200 nmr spectrometer figure 2 edc window now the spectrometer has to be locked on the deuterium signal of the solvent. When the following prompt appears, just click on the logon button without changing anything. User manual version 004 bruker biospin 5 29 introduction 1 1 this guide provides information on using barcode labels for sample and tray iden tification with bruker automation, especially with the bacs sample changer and the gilson liquid handler, e. Expert users and beginners can quickly and confidently tap into the analytical power and flexibility of brukers flex series malditof systems. Determine molecular weight range and polydispersity as well as chemical nature of repeat units. The ion optics consists of the positively or negatively charged microflex target. Before using the instrument, read all warnings presented in the beginning of this manual. Cincinnati bell help center tv fioptics user guide. If you need a ftir spectrometer for routine or advanced applications,the tensor ii is the right choice for your laboratory. Brukerdaltonikgmbh contact limitationsonuse forresearchuseonlyruo.

Bruker optics offers a comprehensive system validation that provides the documentation and procedures needed for an effective compliance. Troubleshoot equipment issues or search or faqs for answers. The new alpha is the culmination of what bruker optics have pioneered and developed for infrared spectroscopy in over 30 years. View and download honeywell spm flex user manual online. The autoflex iii is an electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use. Bruker daltonik gmbh introduction microflex user manual, version 1. The ion optics consists of the positively or negatively charged mtp target plate. All of our bruker software manuals and operators guides are designed to make your business in everyday life run smoothly. Bruker microscout ion source, and a vertically arranged ion flight tube that. Now that the surface is in focus, you can move the xy stage and find your feature of interest. User rights bruker optik gmbh opuslab 1 1 introduction opus lab is a software program designed for routine quality control. I am testing some nacl halite samples and using a bruker library to id them.

Overview fleximaging comprehensive and powerful maldi. Mpa ii multi purpose analyzer from bruker optics youtube. Autoflex basic user manual indiana university bloomington. Flexbox series configure universal transceivers csfp, sfp.

This manual is intended for personnel responsible for ensuring optimum performance of the analyzer or spectrometer, and for those who wish to learn more about the system. Built on bruker s pioneering timstof pro platform, the timstof flex is a fully functional high speed, high sensitivity esi instrument for all your xomics analyses, combined with a high spatial resolution maldi source and stage specifically designed for resolving molecular distributions and bringing a spatial dimension to omics analyses. Feb 28, 2018 choosing the best possible sampling method is crucial when solving a specific analysis task. For your convenience, a link to the user manual of the ultraflex iii can be provided. Overview fleximaging comprehensive and powerful maldi imaging. Ftir reference manual ix about this manual this manual provides reference information that applies to all abb ftir analyzers and spectrometers. Transform proteomics analysis into spatial proteomics, lipidomics into spatial lipidomics, and metabolomics into spatial metabolomics. Bruker s matrixmf ftir spectrometer expands the proven matrix series product line utilizing the information rich midir region for use in both laboratory and process environments. Built on the standard for shotgun proteomics, the timstof flex combines best in class 4d xomics with brukers cutting edge maldi imaging technology, including smartbeam 3d laser optics for fast measurement all in one platform. Getting started connect the power cable to the radio and turn on the main power switch located on the back of the radio. Many of the elementary principles necessary for following the. This allows acquisition of reference also called background and sample spectra.

Bruker autoflex lrf maldi tof matrixassisted laser desorption ionization is a soft ionization technique. This program allows to measur e productspecific ir spectra, perform qualitative and or quantitative analyses, and log evaluation results. The bruker rapiflex platform offers a complete characterization system with unprecedented speed of analysis and performance. Bruker opticstensor ii high performing ftir spectrometer. The instrument is primarily configured for vapor phase analysis of. Maldi imaging is gaining a lot attention in the context of quantitative proteomics and biomarker detection in clinical proteomics. See the images for more details regarding the condition. Were committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers.

The alpha is prepared to fully support your validation needs. That means in such an environment transmitting devices such as mobile phones should not be used in immediate vicinity. Industrys first end user device supporting all 100g pluggables. Mass range up to 300,000 da up to 10,000 da in reflectron mode workhorse instrument for analysis of synthetic polymers. Brukerdaltonikgmbh tableofcontents tableofcontents legalandregulatorynotices 2 contact 4 tableofcontents 5 1introduction 9 2gettingstarted 11 2. The system for sale does not include the pc and software, just the ultraflex iii instrument. In case software assistance is needed, call the user helpdesk. The software provides an easytouse tool for twodimensional peptide and protein imaging of cells or tissue extracts. Access training videos, machine manuals, software updates and more. Enter lock or l in the command line of the xwinnmr window figure 3. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commissionfree in our professional marketplace. This user manual must be kept with the prodigy system.

In addition to the user manual, instructions concerning labor protection laws, operator regulations, tools and supplies must be available and adhered to. Bruker optical profilometer sop revision 4 033020 page 4 of 14 4. Nir chemometric software we develop the nir calibration models with a manufacturer independent chemometrics software mainly with the widely used and proven methods of pls and pcr, and supports all common data pretreatments. With the mpa ii, you have a complete solution at hand for your daily qaqc work, but also for. Get support and info on your specific machine, presorted for you. Our success stems from our commitment and dedication to provide you the proper analytical tool you require to solve a. Malditoftof brukers flex series for quick and reliable results. Bruker ftir matrixf driverinterface datasheet this document describes the driverinterface for the bruker ftnir matrixf series process analyzers. The sample is mixed with a matrix small organic molecule that absorbs at the lasers wavelength in a common solution. With just a few clicks youll get the documentation you need.

Mass spectrometry software downloads service bruker. How bruker s user manuals help you to successfully apply our advanced software and use our hardware. Bruker optics offers comprehensive system validation that provides the documentation and procedures needed for an effective compliance. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us.

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