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The cuddapah basin in andhra pradesh is a remarkable tectonic and orogenic belt of the. Nagari quartzite of the nallamali group of the cuddapah supergroup occurs as outliers in the southern end of the cuddapah basin. Pandit2 5 1department of geological sciences, 241 williamson hall, university of florida, gainesville, fl 32611 usa. It has an arcuate length of 440 km and a width of145 km in the middle and is estimated to contain over 12 km of sediments and volcanics. Geomorphological and geoelectrical investigations for ground. Cuddapah basin stratigraphy series geology concepts.

Pdf uranium mineralisaton in the gulcheru quartzite of. Pdf palaeoproterozoic sedimentation in the cuddapah basin. Geochemistry of the palaeoproterozoic quartzites of lower. New constraints from zircon, monazite and uraninite dating on. Dec 11, 2017 conclusion cuddapah is a very important palaeomeso proterozoic sedimentary basin and is typically arcuate shape. Together with data for a granite which intrudes probable cuddapah rocks near the disturbed eastern margin of the basin the data imply that the base is unlikely to be younger than 1,555 m. Geomorphological and geoelectrical investigations for ground water resources in pulang river basin, andhra pradesh dr. The chelima and zangamarajupalle lamproite dykes intrude slates and phyllites of the nallamalai group, within the cuddapah basin bhaskar rao, 1976. Other deposits include recently deposited alluvium that has yet to undergo diagenesis. Chapter 2 geology and sampling geology the crescent shaped mid proterozoic intracratonic cuddapah basin of peninsular india fig. Geodynamic implications for the evolution of the eastern dharwar craton, southern india. The cuddapah basin is one of a series of proterozoic basins that overlie the cratons of india that, due to limited geochronological and provenance constraints, have remained subject to speculation as to their time of deposition, sediment source locations, and tectonicgeodynamic significance. Broadly, this midproterozoic basin can be divided into three subbasins, papaghni, kurnool and nallamalai, which are characterized by distinct differences in lithology nagaraja rao 1987. The oldest sequence, the papaghni group is represented by fan.

Sedimentation history and depositional model of palaeo. Basin introduction the cuddapah basin is located between latitudes. Abstract an endeavour is made in the present study to identify. Pdf the proterozoic cuddapah basin of south india hosts a number of unconformitybound. The precambrian sedimentary basins were developed on four major archaean nuclei dharwar, bastar, singhbhum and aravallibundelkhand. Age and basin evolution of the cuddapah supergroup 9 a period of potassic magmatism produced kimberlite dykes which intruded the dharwar craton and the nallamalai group of the cuddapah basin chalapathi rao et al. In this basin, middle to late proterozoic sediments of the cuddapah supergroup and the kurnool group are preserved. Geochemistry of the palaeomesoproterozoic tadpatri shales. Sixteen stations were established with a station interval of 2 to 7 km. In fourth workshop on status, problems, and programmes in cuddapah basin, institute of india peninsular geology, hyderabad pp. Chapter ii geology and mineral resources of the pennar basin geologically the pennar basin consists of recent to subrecent alluvium gravel and sands, late proterozoic formations of kurnool group consist of kunderu formations, paniam formations and jammalamadugu formations.

It overlies the granitic basement of eastern dharwar craton with a profound unconformity and has faulted contacts at many places. The cuddapah basin is crescent shaped and occupies an area of over 44,000 sq. The cuddapah basin in southern india has a potential for uranium mineralization due to some favorable factors such as its temporal, stratigraphic and tectonic settings. Petrogenesis of proterozoic lamproites and kimberlites from.

Sr dating of lava samples from the lowest group of the cuddapah system shows that the age of the base of the system may be as great as 1,700 m. The indian shield represents a vast repository of the precambrian geological record. G international journal of geomatics and geosciences volume 2 issue 3, 2012 843 from 1. The geological survey of indias overall map of the. Palaeoproterozoic sedimentation in the cuddapah basin, south. Sep 19, 2019 geology of the cuddapah basin and its lithostratigraphy. Palaeoproterozoic sedimentation in the cuddapah basin, south india and regional tectonics. Gulcheru quartzites show angular to subangular texture, whereas pulivendla and gandikota quartzites contain rounded to subrounded detrital grains. Application of remote sensing for delineation of uranium. The archean and proterozoic history of peninsular india. Please subscribe for geology concepts videos and geology. The 84 km profile is adjacent to the eastern ghat mobile belt egmb and eastern dharwar craton edc, india. The cuddapah supergroup is developed in papaghni, nallamalai and srisailam subbasins and nallamalai group is highly deformed and folded.

It assembles worldwide geological data in a consistently interpreted and standardized reference format for basin analysis, play and petroleum studies on a regional and global scale. The structure of the cuddapah basin reveals that it forms the frontal part of a larger foldthrust belt, named the cuddapah foldthrust belt cftb. Tectonics of the cuddapah basin and a model of its. Provenance and tectonic setting of the late paleoproterozoic. Chapter 16 tectonics of the cuddapah basin and a model of its. The cuddapah supergroup succession can be divided into four unconformity. Structures and their tectonic implications of the southern. Stratigraphy of the cuddapah basin the cuddapah group introduction some important changes in the stratigraphy of the cuddapah group are summarized below see fig. Structural basins are geological depressions, and are the inverse of domes. The cuddapah basin sits in the southern part of the peninsular gneissic complex of edc. It is the second largest purana basin next to the vindhyan cuddapah supergroup comprises of the papaghni, chitravati, nallamalai and srisailam quartzites cuddapah basin is a storehouse for many rich mineral resources like barytes.

Basin information directorate general of hydrocarbons dgh. Cuddapah basin free download as powerpoint presentation. Cuddapah basin is a crescent shaped sedimentary basin of proterozoic age lying on the eastern dharwar craton fig. Rock magnetic properties of proterozoic mafic dykes from the. Received 21 st february abstract a geochemical study on mudstone from sandstone cuddapah supergroup reveals two simultaneous sources, contributing sediments to the basin, one is a weathered source and. Sedimentary basins in india india has 26 sedimentary basins covering an area of 3. Arcrelated pyroxenites derived from a longlived neoarchean subduction system at the southwestern margin of the cuddapah basin. The vempalle fault, north to the idupulapaya fault, runs 40 km. Age and basin evolution of the cuddapah supergroup 7 belts including an older 35803200 ma sargur group and a younger 30002500 ma dharwar supergroup chadwick et al. The kimberlites that intruded the lower section of the nallamalai group. It hosts the cuddapah supergroup and the kurnool group of rocks. Pdf palaeoproterozoic sedimentation in the cuddapah. The proterozoic cuddapah basin of south india is one of the most important purana basins of peninsular india.

Chapter 16 tectonics of the cuddapah basin and a model of. The time series data were processed with single site and remote reference. Oct 22, 2015 broadband magnetotelluric investigations were carried out along nwse profile from potuluru to anjanpalli in the ne part of cuddapah basin. In addition to information available in the range 0. Neither dyke has yet been tested for diamond by modern exploration techniques. These are also called nagari outliers named after the type area of nagari quartzite. Detrital mineral age, radiogenic isotopic stratigraphy and. The crescent shaped, easterly concave and ns trending cuddapah basin fig.

Department of geology, sri venkateswara university, tirupati, andhra pradesh 517502, india. Structures and their tectonic implications of the southern part of. The lower part of the proterozoic cuddapah basin exposes three quartzite sequences, namely, gulcheru, pulivendla, and gandikota formations. Highlights of its geology and mineral resources, by c.

Bhima basin the ne trending irregularly sinous bhima basin fig. Tectonic 2 framework for precambrian sedimentary basins in india 3 4 joseph g. Geology of the cuddapah basin and its lithostratigraphy. A birds eye view of some recent geological and geophysical work in the cuddapah basin and related conceptualisations. Cuddapah basin, andhra pradesh, endowed with rich mineral wealth, is one of the important and fairly well studied geological units in peninsular india. An original ew geological crosssection across the cuddapah basin is presented and is used to discuss the structural evolution of the basin. Stratigraphic and structural development of the precambrian. Proterozoic cuddapah basin, on the eastern margin of the dharwar craton is an intracratonic basin of the indian shield fig.

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