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A brief history of an american beverage bottlebluebook 03032020. Discover the process behind old forester from barrelling to bottling. Old forester kentucky straight bourbon whisky, 4357. A whiskey history and tasting exploration the whiskey. Old forester 1920 prohibition style the whiskey shelf. Old foresters historical claim to fame is that it was the first distillery to sell all of.

The old forester distillery is where guests experience everything from barrelling to bottling. In 1870 george garvin brown was a pharmaceutical salesman for henry chambers and co. The inspiration for each expression in our whiskey row series comes from special moments in old foresters nearly 150year history, and the story behind 1910 the first documented doublebarreled bourbon is one for the books, said jackie zykan, old forester master taster. Because of this, old forester is the only bourbon to be continuously sold. Top 10 whisky education books the spirits business. Old forester 1910 old fine whisky, according to those behind it, is said to represent a specific point in old forester s nearly 150year old history. Tours start every 15 minutes and its highly recommended that you plan ahead and book a tour online. Distillery tours old forester first bottled bourbon. Old forester s heritage is deeply rooted in its continuous, 150year history and whiskey row retreat is an opportunity for bourbon lovers to experience firsthand how one of the most storied bourbon brands in america not only survived but has continued to innovate throughout the years. Old forester 1920 prohibition style is part of old forester s whiskey row series, focused on historic expressions from the brands history. The whiskey row series includes the 1870 original batch, 1897 bottled in bond, and 1910 old fine whisky.

This brand new whiskey distillery opens in midjune so our special tour will be one of the first and best ways to see the new operation. A brand new distillery and visitor centre in downtown louisville is set to open imminently and will boost capacity tremendously expect new releases to follow. Think weve missed an essential reference book or guide. Old forester kentucky straight bourbon whisky 1 x 1 l. And old forester is currently made at the same brownforman distillery, which is relocating to whiskey row next year. Old forester is a brand of kentucky straight bourbon whiskey produced by the brownforman. It is officially the longest running bourbon on the market today approximately 145 years as of 2016, and was the first bourbon sold exclusively in sealed bottles. They named the whiskey old forrester after a local doctor who. Old forester is a brand of kentucky straight bourbon whiskey produced by the brownforman corporation. Best scotch whisky books scotch addictscotch addict. The fact that brownforman was one of the few distilleries able to continue distilling whiskey for medicinal purposes during prohibition is a powerful. In october 1910, a fire caused the bottling line to be shut down for an indefinite period of time. He seals his whiskey exclusively in glass bottles and signs each bottle as his personal guarantee of its quality. Whether you want to learn about scotch, bourbon, or whiskey, michael jackson has you covered.

Old forester held one of just six government licenses to bottle bourbon during this period. Old forester distilling company at louisville in kentucky. Click through the follow pages to discover our pick of the top 10 whisky education books. In 1902, he then purchased mattinglys distillery in the town of saint mary in marion county, kentucky. Complicating matters, there was a vat of mature whisky waiting to be bottled. An old bottle of old forester kentucky straight bourbon which we believe was bottled some time in the 1970s. New elevated bourbon tour visits old forester distilling co. Old forester debuts final bourbon from its whiskey row.

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