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The medium level inside the level gauge is indicated as the result of the light refraction principle, since the liquid filled area completely absorbs the rays of. The pressurized magnetic float level indicator for recipients containing liquids at high pressure and temperature of the invention comprises a tubular body with a vertical axis which is closed at its ends and communicates at the top and bottom with a recipient containing liquid whose level is to be indicated, within which there is a float 5 provided with a magnetic element 11 designed to. Bonettis ypattern globe valve is used around the world for power and steam applications. The indicator houses a column of small flags which. Magnetic level gauges suitable for liquids with specific gravity lower than those indicated in above tables are available.

In fact the glass is a very important component of the gauge. Cesare bonetti company has been manufacturing level gauges since their origin. Magnetic level gauges general instruments consortium. Cesare bonetti produces valves for the production facilities of fossil energy and geothermal energy. Operation of bonetti magnetic level gauge is based on some elementary physical principles. Switches when you mount a magnetic switch on the level gauge it is possible to get a signal. As the float moves, this information is transferred to the indication rail mounted on the outside of the tube. Nevertheless additional stresses, not easily manifest in start up. In spite of its simple operating principle, the bont magnetic level gauge represents the result of long research and expe. A world leader in valves cbipl has been manufacturing highperformance valves and liquid level indicators, both as standard or as custom designed products to meet the exact requirements of any fluid pressure and temperature handling application. Torriodalmagnets are not affected by rapid movements of the float and can move freely inside the level gauge. The white and red indication flaps represent air and liquid level respectively.

Globe valve, gate valve, plug valve from mrc global. The operation of the bont magnetic level gauge is based on. Nb and up to asme class 4500 of high pressure globe, gate and check valves, bellows sealed valves, high pressurehigh temperature andor cryogenic service ball valves, world renewed and recently improved piston valves and the widest pressure, temperature and application range of glass, magnetic, and resistive probe liquid. In a magnetic level indicator including a float 2 which is free to rise or fall with a liquid within a tube 1 communicating with a receptacle containing said liquid the level of which is to be indicated, the float containing a first permanent magnetic dipole 3 of elongate form located with its longitudinal axis at the level of said liquid in said tube and the indicator. The indicator indicates fluid level by means of magnetic force of the magnet installed inside the float. Able magnetic level gauges provide clear, high clarity indication of liquid level. Any other special mountings or processes could be considered on request. This is also why you can place a level switch at all the sides you want. This product has been our industrial speciality in italy and all over the world since the twenties. Applicable standards bont, sight glasses comply with the following standards. Cesare bonetti company had become also the most world known bypass level indicator manufacturer. Magtech magnetic level indicators consist of a chamber, a magnet equipped float which rises and lowers with the fluid level, and an indicator which is mounted to the chamber. Magnetic level gauge the following information is required to order or request a quotation for magnetic level gauges.

This catalogue describes our glass level gauges, whereas our magnetic level gauges are shown in a separate bulletin. Level measurement transparent level gauge, reflex level. Relex, transparent and bicolour glass level gauges. Each level gauge can be assembled righthanded or lefthanded. The magnetic float in the chamber rises and falls with the fluid level.

A sight glass or water gauge is a type of level sensor, a transparent tube through which the. In a magnetic level indicator including a float 2 which is free to rise or. Its complete range includes both glass and magnetic. Igema,tgi ilmadur,penberthy, jerguson, klinger, cesarebonetti and kenco. Level gauge start up must be performed slowly to avoid any thermal shock or mechanical stress due to different temperature in different level gauge items. In addition, as the magnetic float rises and falls, it actuates any transmitter or alarm switches that are attached to the side of the gauge. Considering these two standard possibilities, principle still the same, only the design change. Usually two level gauges 1 right and 1 left are installed on steam vessel. Mag00001, type magmnp cesare bonetti united states sales. Our liquid level gauges are available in wide range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steels, 6mo, incoloy, hastelloy, titanium and monel. Cesare bonetti company has been manufacturing level gauges since their. All material construction, including carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloys, plastics.

A china, china experts in manufacturing and exporting valve, level gauges, meter. Bicolour bonetti level gauges type bc24, bc28, bc33, bc32. As the magnetic float rises and falls, it changes the orientation of the flippers on the scale providing a visual level indication. Ep0298529a1 pressurized magnetic float level indicator for. Piston valves ball valves level indicators glass level gauges magnetic level gauges last update last update 15022004 iso 9001 lrs since 1905 cesare bonetti s. Cesare bonetti has been producing high quality valves for steam and high pressure applications for over 100 years. Company description under trade names bonetti, bont and cmi pasquini, since 1905 we have been manufacturing high perfomance engineered valves for high pressure and high temperature, and the widest range of glass and magnetic level gauges. In milan, in 1905 cesare bonetti opened a small shop and manufactured to. With over 350,000 installations worldwide, our km26 magnetic level gauge mlg has provided custom engineered solutions to liquid level applications in industries such as. The level indicator consists of a number of pivoting magnetic vanes arranged one above the other.

Reflex level gauges allow the medium to be viewed through a reflex glass. Our team of experts will find the best sales prices for cesare bonetti mag00001, type magmnp magnetic level gauge in the united states. Reflex and transparent glasses for liquid level gauges. Stainless steel, hastelloy, inconel, plastic materials, other special materials\u000bconnections. Bonetti 3 bonetti glass level gauges general information cesare bonetti company has been manufacturing level gauges since their origin. Cesare bonetti have manufactured level gauges since the twenties and its design offers great advantages to the user in terms of low initial cost low operating cost. Under trade names bonetti, bont and cmi pasquini, since 1905 we have. This magnetic level gauge is patented in italy as well as in other countries. The magnetic level gauge is the instrument to read a level indication in whatever plant or operating conditions giving free maintenance, preventive security against leakage, environmental safety, sure and trouble free application with chemically aggressive, pollutant, harmful or poisonous, inflammable or explosive, optically similar fluid. Reflex, transparent and bicolour glass liquid level gauge. Highest quality, great performance, durability and reliability are the key elements behind great success of generals level gauges and switches worldwide. Use the following configuration guide to select the model number. Magnetic level indicators are red followers that need magnetic level indicators. Onrion llc is here to help you with the procurement of mag00001, type magmnp magnetic level gauge and other products and spare parts of cesare bonetti.

Transparent level gauge, reflex level gauge, magnetic. Magnetic level gauges remote reading systems magnetic. Page 4 of 36 ksr kuebler ag data sheet magnetic level indicatorgauges 0820 mini magnetic level indicators gauges chamber o 42,4 x 2 mm chamber end top rohrboden options. Reflex bonetti level gauges type br23 with gp11, gp12, g4142. Bonetti reflex glass level gauge br14 buy glass level gauge. We do know that over 50% of all this products are still operating and year after year continue to serve our customers giving trouble free and reliable performance under the most adverse working. The chamber, or column, contains a sealed float with a permanent magnet assembly which rises and falls as the liquid level changes in the process vessel. Can be used alone or connected to mag series magnetic level gauges. Magnetic float gauge series how it does motion agnetic type level indicator is an instrument for indicating the fluid level.

It has a magnetic float inside of the non magnetic chamber and an indicator outside of it. Magnetic level gauges suitable for any fluid media, up to most severe operating conditions. The bonetti yglobe is a high quality solution for controlling and stopping steam and high temperature fluids. A float containing a magnet rises and falls with the liquid.

This catalogue describes our glass level gauges, whereas our magnetic level gauges are shown in a separate. These level gauges are very suitable for interface reading. Cesare bonetti, this manual must be used together with the specific intercepting valve type or accessories manual. Usually two level gauges 1 right and 1 left are installed on steam vessels. Br14 available in stock 1 x used bonetti reflex glass level gauge br14. Our main products are reflex, transparent and magnetic level gauges measuring from 95 mm up to 6000 mm, incorporating pressure ratings from ansi 150 2500. Bonetti 25 bicolour bonetti level gauges type bc1with g55 valves 1 according to the right or left position of the handwheel of the stop valves on the gauge body, the level gauges are named righthanded or lefthanded. Continuous analog signal with two wire connection 420 ma.

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