Maryland cream of crab soup cup with cracker

I add ritz crackers and sprinkle on old bay seasoning because im a. Phillips crab meat and gently stir, being careful to not break up the lumps of crab meat. Maryland cream of crab soup recipe south baltimore. I make this with one cup grated onion sauteed in the butter until very soft to. You will need at least two tablespoons, more if you like the flavor.

Lusby is the morning drive announcer at wnav in annapolis. Miles kimball luncheon cream of crab soup mix and crackers is hand mixed and brimming with fresh spices. The exception is cream of crab soup, when youll want the pricier lump. Bill lusby, right, relaxes after judging a dozen crab soups saturday at the 29th annual crab soup cookoff at the maryland seafood festival. I break whole crabs and claws into pieces and drop them into the soup to cook, then serve it with saltine crackers. Award winning maryland cream of crab soup recipe cream of. To serve, sprinkle each serving with a bit of old bay and chopped parsley.

This rich and delicately seasoned soup is impressive with its delectable morsels of crabmeat. Bring milk, halfandhalf and heavy whipping cream to a boil. Luncheon cream of crab soup mix and crackers miles kimball. Karen russell from bryan, texas, was looking for a recipe for cream of crab soup similar to the one she had at a restaurant in chestertown when visiting the area a few years ago. Award winning maryland cream of crab soup recipe 3. This crab soup recipe mirrors the traditional crab soups made by baltimore women over the last 50 years. Mix softened cream cheese with old bay, mayonnaise, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Marylands grand prize cream of crab soup recipe housewives. Fresh vegetables including tomatoes, corn, carrots, green beans, peas, lima beans and onions, along with a select blend of herbs and spices, complete this maryland style crab soup. Maryland style crabs are blue crabs, the kind of crab that is found in great quantities in the chesapeake bay which is in maryland and virginia. Its served with a generous scoop of old bay oyster crackers. Awardwinning maryland cream of crab soup recipe in 2020. Also check out my recipe for easy french bread bowls.

Place cheese on top and bake at 350 degrees for 3440 minutes, or until hot and. Season with additional cayenne pepper, if desired, and salt and pepper. This grand prize maryland cream of crab soup recipe is a creamy, crab meat filled. Maryland style crab soup try this hearty soup that incorporates the best of vegetable soup and flavorful crab. Mix remaining ingredients in separate bowl and fold into crabmeat mixture. Serve with oyster crackers and a small cream pitcher of sherry on the.

The old bay seasoning is one other factor that makes this cream of crab soup a maryland cream of crab soup. This luscious decadent maryland cream of crab soup will have you swooning over every bite. Award winning maryland cream of crab soup recipe crab. It is a milderflavored, lightercolored soup than the ones typically served in modern seafood restaurants. Add crab meat, fresh parsley, old bay seasoning, butter, salt and pepper. Conveniently packed in a jar, this soup is made with real maryland blue crab meat.

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